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About Us

Cyber PC Experts is a team of geeks that are firmed to deliver perspicuous computer tech support over advanced remote access technology. Cyber PC Experts is one of the wings of Benovellient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that renders quality tech support services. At Cyber PC Experts, highly professional tech experts deliver quality assistance for upgraded software products depending upon the customer's requirement.

The experts technicians of the Cyber PC Experts hit your problems with appropriate solutions, be it some software issue, driver installation, virus attack or some other errors like freezing, blue screen, rigorous error messages etc.

The unique and quality tech support package of Cyber PC Experts includes the following:

  • Diagnostic and repair of your Computer hardware
  • Fixing all the software errors
  • Installing and updating drivers and security software to protect all online threats
  • Optimizing computer's speed and performance
  • Unlimited access to ethical tech support, 24/7 for whole year
  • We commit for lowest time to wait and competitive service rates in entire industry

We do work with ethics, where 'compromise' has not got any place.

Latest Blogs

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    Wondered what 'Flame' refers to? No, this is not the flame of your gas stove but the flame inside your computer which might be spoiling your computer. 'Flame' is a spy malware which attacks computers with Microsoft operating systems. According to experts, Flame is developed by one of the best cryptographer in the world. It is certainly the most complex as well as sophisticated malware ever found. It spreads across other computers via local area network (LAN) or via USB storage devices.     Read More...

  • Are you being haunted by TROJAN?

    Also known as Trojan horse, it is a malicious file or program which harms the host computer. It happens to drag itself into other files or programs and makes numerous copies of itself and steals information. This malicious program allows remote access to a targeted computer system. It gives access to the hacker to perform almost all kinds of functions on the infected computer which includes Data theft, Electronic Money Theft, downloading or uploading files on the host computer, crashing the computer and much more.     Read More...

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